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Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow has created many opportunities for those involved with business process automation. The challenge is prioritizing which processes can be optimized to provide the most value for the time and money spend on the automation process. A recent study of our corporate clients Indicated that forms management for Inspections and Human Resources are two of the most common processes being automated.

Single User Ineterface

Another area of concern is the seamless integration of a single User Interface (UI) for ERP systems This type of functionality creates workflow rules without the need for programming skills, and enables data/metadata from systems such as SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, and HTML post to be easily accessed by business users, and give them the ability to generate reports without IT intervention.

Technical Overview

This type of Data Integration Automation has been viewed with skepticism by those involved in the technical side of the IT infrastructure. The questions if authentication and security come up early in every discussion we have with organizations. This is especially true when workflow automation is provided to those outside of the organization such as clients, partners, and suppliers. When the ability to provide access on any device including phones, tablets, etc. is mentioned, the level of cynicism increases another notch. In an effort to alleviate the apprehensions of the architects and system admins seeing this blog we can produce a short technical overview of the workflow management

Automated Workflow Analysis

The decision to Automate Workflows, ensure that the workflow automation software you choose is the right one to handle the requirements of your organization in a cost effective manner. Many of the systems in the marketplace require extensive resources, time, and money to implement. As you analyze the opportunities for which business processes can be automated, the R.O.I. must be analyzed in order to evaluate the right solution for your organization.

We have consultants available to work with you to analyze your requirements and provide you with a detailed complimentary analysis of the cost/benefit of automating workflow in your organization. To schedule your review Please contact us at:

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