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"Awesome App!
 We use this every day in our business for work orders and invoices on our iPads and the greats part about inaForms is customers can sign work orders with their finger and it immediately goes to our office for authorization. We have even implemented this with our existing credit card merchant account."
 - Central Service

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"Extremely versatile app
 We use this on daily basis for inspections. This app saves thousands of dollars a year in data entry. Also tech support is awesome! "
Thank you
 - Wyebay


Mobile Devices to Fully Automate Data Collection, Processing, and Reporting   

Data Collection Form App

Mobile Devices to Fully Automate Data Collection, Processing, and Reporting 

As the premier iPhone Data Collection Software and Form App provider in the industry today, inaForms has developed new, proprietary technology that allows you to save inspection data captured from any iOS device (iPad or iPhone) directly to any verity of platforms including MS SharePoint servers for screening, processing workflows and generating analytics - automatically.

Don't let a manual data collection and analysis process – such as inspection forms, data entry, endless emails and staff generating reports – stand in the way of a better data collection program. Use existing mobile devices and an open MS platform to automate your many data-intensive processes including:

• Laboratory inspections
•Satellite Accumulation Area inspections
•Facilities inspections
•Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank inspections
•Personal Protective Equipment inspections
•Fire and Life Safety Equipment inspections

To learn how inaForm's new mobile data collection technology and SharePoint streamlined the inspection program for large and small institutions, thereby increasing program effectiveness from top to bottom, contact inaForm at or give them a call at 781-878-2600. For all your iPhone Data Collection Software needs, look no further than inaForms!


Our mission is to make data collection, automations and management effortless.

We have been dedicated in developing automated solutions to help manage Environmental, Quality and Safety within many different environments. Originating in the healthcare sector, we are now active in Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, Education, Building Management, Restaurants, Government, and many more. We strive to create the best automation solutions for organizations like yours.