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Harness the power of collecting information remotely

Mobile Devices and MS SharePoint Fully Automate Data Collection, Processing, and Reporting

inaFORMS has developed new, proprietary technology that allows you to save environmental health and safety (EHS) inspection data captured from any iOS device (iPad or iPhone) directly to any MS SharePoint server for screening, processing workflows and generating analytics - automatically.

EHS programs are heavily reliant upon current data to measure program effectiveness, assess risk and allocate resources for improvement.  EHS staff can be overwhelmed with paper inspection forms, data entry, endless emails and generating reports. Don't let a manual data collection and analysis process stand in the way of a better EHS program.  Use existing mobile devices and an open MS platform to automate your many data-intensive processes including:

  • Laboratory inspections
  • Satellite Accumulation Area inspections
  • Biosafety inspections
  • Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank inspections
  • Personal Protective Equipment inspections
  • Fire and Life Safety Equipment inspections

Automate the entire follow up process

Set the due date & responsible party when you find an issue

Emails are automatically sent to the parties involved, with any photos and notes

The inspector is automatically notified about progress and, as the due date approaches, the “responsible” is notified to complete the task

Open, closed, and overdue tasks are tracked and compiled into meaningful reports

To learn how inaFORMS mobile data collection technology and SharePoint streamlined the SAA inspection program for a large research institution.

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