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Our unique iOS technology allows institutions to put their data collection forms in the hands of inspectors via iPhone and iPad Apps. Field data is pushed directly to the MS SharePoint Software Form Generator platform, where analysis and processing tools can screen data and automate workflows: email alerts notify responsible parties of required actions, time responses, and escalate high-priority issues. The entire data collection, processing and analysis system can be completely

automated using an open Microsoft platform that is typically already available within the institution. The inaForms’ Data Collection App is truly unique and makes the data collection process a smooth and easy one. You will find the software’s features on this page, so feel free to look them over.

For more information on the software, contact inaForms at or give us a call at 781-878-2600.


Barcode Control

The Barcode Control allows iOS users to use their device's camera to read a wide range of barcodes including Code 39/93/128, Databar/Exp, EAN 2/5/8/13, ISBN 10/13, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR Code and UPC A/E.

Image Control

The Image control allows for a placement of an image within your form. The Image control allows your users to draw with their finger or stylus on your image.

Location Control

Location gathers the latitude and longitude coordinates of the user’s device. When the user selects the control, the coordinates are collected.

On-Off Switch Control

The On-Off Switch Control allows your users to toggle a switch and collect information on that control. You can customize the switch control with your own text strings and graphics.

PIN Code Control

The PIN Code control plug-in allows you to lock down your forms with a 4-digit number. Your users must enter the predefined PIN code to gain access to parts or the entire form. The entered PIN code can be sent when the form is submitted.

Photo Picker Control

Add the ability to add photos to your form apps by taking photos or access the Camera Roll. You can also place the photo on a PDF.

Ratings Control

The Ratings control allows your users to rate from 0 to 5 stars on the iOS device. The iOS user can select a star by simply touching the star. To select no stars, they can simply touch the label or to the right of the first star.

Signature Control

Add the ability to capture a signature within your form from within FormEntry Touch. With just a stroke an index finger, you can capture the user's signature as PNG file.

Spin Wheel Picker Control

The Spin Wheel Picker offers the ability to present a list of mutually exclusive items. The Spin Wheel Picker control offers a single selection of these items. Also, each item can hold an icon.

Web Browser Control

The Web Browser control allows you to add web page to your form apps. The end user does not have access to change the URL. Ideal for learning resources, links to videos, audio files, PDFs, anything external that you want your users to gain access to.

Excel Transmit Format

The Excel Transmit Format Plug-in allows your iOS users to submit their completed form data in the standard Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet format. The XLSX file can be sent via E-mail, and if installed, via FTP, WebDAV or Open In other iOS apps.

HTML Post Transmittal

Your form app can post to your web site over HTTP/S. All data is sent from FormEntry Touch is using standard web based technologies. Each post uses the POST method and is multipart, so even your photos can be uploaded correctly.

JSON Post Transmittal

Your form app can easily send all your user data as JSON over HTTP. Each form sent back to your web site is a standard HTML form post using a single parameter of 'json'. When sending photos, each photo is transformed to BASE64.

Open In Transmittal

The Open In Transmittal Plug-in allows your users to open the generated completed form into another iOS app that can read Text (.txt), CSV (.csv), PDF (.pdf) and if installed, the Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file formats.

Printer Transmittal

Layout out your Print Job with the PDF editor and when setting up your form to send, you can have the iOS users print the form directly to a Wi-Fi printer that is compatible with AirPrint.

Save Transmittal

The Save Transmittal allows your users to directly save to the drafts folder. This is useful if you collecting multiple sets of consistent info, such as inventory tracking. Also allows you to immediately load a new form after selecting the Save action.

WebDAV Transmittal

The WebDAV Transmittal Plug-in allow your iOS users to deliver the completed form to a WebDAV-enabled server directory. Delivering the file formats of Text (.txt), CSV (.csv), PDF (.pdf) and if installed, the Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) formats.