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March 2016
Lab Inspection

Team reporting compiled automatically.

Before inaForms:

Your team finishes inspections and then is done and gone.  Everyone promises to edit and submit their notes but somehow new priorities arise.  Three weeks later … you are still waiting for someone’s information.  But you survive.  You get it done.

After inaForms:

How about a system that instantly and automatically collates the results from everyone who performed the inaspections?

inaForms automatically sorts everyone’s results into the reports you need; Audit, Trending, Deficiencies and Performance


Use inaForms to better manage the complexity of Environment of Care Rounds.  Each member of your team will have their own  custom checklist on their tablet or phone.  Their findings are automatically uploaded to a secure server where they are integrated into a single reporting and follow up stream.

Solutions Succss Summay

Mobile Device Capture and SharePoint Combine to Automate and Administer Program 


The group at a large research institution conducts quarterly inspections to ensure proper use and maintenance. A paper form is filled out for each inspection, and the data transcribed to an Access database. The Access database generates a summary of issues that is emailed to each Principal Investigator (PI) responsible for maintenance. An administrator collects responses via email, and provides reminders to those not responding. Responses are manually entered into the database. Due to the number of manual steps required, delays are common at each step limiting the value of the inspections.

This process is, ultimately, ineffective. However, InaForms’ Mobile Device Capture helps to automate and administer the data collection process, combining it all within SharePoint.


The inspection form is deployed to iPhones. The form is greatly simplified since most of the required information can be linked to inspection # and combined within SharePoint. Photos can be added as needed for each noted issue. Data is transferred directly from the iPhones to SharePoint, where issues are noted in an automatic email to responsible PIs. PIs simply log into a web page to view and respond to their specific issues, and a SharePoint workflow provides reminders as needed to ensure response.

An inaForms management page provides issue oversight as needed, and a permanent record of all inspections performed along with “next due” dates to allow reminders of future inspections. SharePoint can provide customized program metrics at any time to help identify areas for program improvement.

Such software is not only a time-saver, but also a money-saver. inaForms’ Mobile Device Capture and SharePoint Combine helps to automate and administer data collection programs. Contact inaForms at or give us a call at 781-878-2600 to learn more.