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Version 2.4.8 is currently available for iPhones and iPads

Automate your data entry forms today
Instant data entry and inspections, fast & accurate performance reports, automated follow ups with inaForms

The inaForms app lets you automate inspections, checklists, and surveys for fast, simple and meaningful analysis.

inaForm app is a free downladable software that runs on IOS devices and enables users to submit custom forms made by inaForms to a list of platforms.

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inaForm is a mobile data collection app helping companies streamline and organize important data across departments. The unique construction of inaForm’s platform allows users to upload essential information to one central database with virtually any iOS device and transfer the info electronically across the company. The data is easily transferable to MS SharePoint and other ERP or CRM software without tedious and time-consuming data entry work.

Save, share and authorize inspection data, work orders, invoices and more straight from your iPad, iPhone or computer. This efficient, intuitive app gives companies full transparency across departments while saving time and money on arduous database management. InaForm preserves the original accuracy of all documents uploaded and eliminates human error as the information is shared between front- and back-office divisions. Your information is safely, confidentially stored in one single, easy-to-navigate system maintained by a team of experienced technical experts.

 Learn more about connecting and streamlining your valuable information with inaForm. The app is free to download and available to use through any iOS device. For more information on inaForm, contact the support team through email or the support forums.


Harness the power of collecting information remotely

Design your form apps with inaForm's Staff, inaForms can deliver all your custom form applications to an office or classroom full of iPads, iPhones or iPod touches over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

About us

Corporate overview

Inacom established a sister company to provide businesses and institutions with a reliable resource for IT data collections and data form distribution. Inacom have assembled a team of hand-selected, highly-trained individuals who share a passion and enthusiasm for IT environments.

Mobile Data Capture

SharePoint platforms

The powerful SharePoint platform allows inacom to help clients create automated, turn-key, solutions for collecting, analyzing and processing the large amounts of data needed to assess and minimize risk. 

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